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Binary Options Candlestick Charts Explained. Candlestick charts were first used by the Japanese in deciding prices of rice contracts more than 300 years ago. They were rediscovered by Steve Nison. Nison and binary options many other traders such as Bulkowski have given us more insight into how these useful tools can be used. Binary options are relatively new vehicles for binary options strategy investments. Furthermore, trade outcomes for binary options are not simply direction-based Up or Down outcomes, binary options strategy but also involve other complex trade types such as Touch/No Touch and boundary trades.

How do you use the candlestick charts for these set of complex financial products where the potential payout is fixed? It is important for traders to understand how trading works with candlestick charts. Those who want to use candlesticks as part of their trading strategy would have to learn how such candlesticks-based strategies can be adapted for trading this new financial product. Why are Candlestick Charts Important? Those who want to earn money from fast paying binary options broker options will soon realize that they have some challenges to overcome.

Candlestick charts are not usually found on binary options trading platforms. Charts commonly found are the line charts, which do nothing else but simply give a visual indication of where the price of the asset is relative to the entry price. We have done a review of what most traders think of these basic line charts. The only good that these line charts seem to do is to tell the trader how much time is left for the tick fluctuation nightmares to end. But the moment you switch from a line chart to a candlestick chart, the trade dynamics change.

Why are candlestick charts so priceless that they have survived all these years, starting from the Dojima rice exchange in the early 1700s until date? It is because of the information that they provide. Candlestick charts can actually speak. They give information as to what they buyers and sellers of an asset are doing in the market. By looking at the shape of a candle and the positioning of the open, high, low and close prices, you get a clear picture of what action is occurring and what is likely to happen in the near-term as far as asset price is concerned.

Since your binary options platform may not present you with the candlestick charts, where can you get these charts so as to trade your live account or practice trading using a demo account? Sources of Candlestick Charts. When it comes to sources of candlestick charts for binary options trading, there are free sources as well as commercial sources. You do not need to pay for things you can get for free. Therefore, binary options your best bet for free candlestick charts is to get them from a forex trading platform.

Whether you use the MT4 or TradeStation or JForex or even NinjaTrader, these forex platforms all have interactive candlestick charts loaded with indicators of all kinds. The advantage that you have is that you can also use your custom made indicators on the candlestick charts to generate trading signals, binary options thus you get to kill two birds with a single stone.

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